Leisure and Entertainment Center “Belmontas”


You have come to one of the most beautiful places in Vilnius… The French (“Belmont”) mill was built in 1838 and stopped working only in the middle of XX century. Since then, it was not used…

The renovation works of this unique complex began in 2001. The idea of restoration was based on the respect to the remaining relicts of our history and to the amazing landscape of Vilnius city’s surroundings. All authentic buildings were thoroughly renovated and restored; lost elements were rebuilt and their new purpose was applied to the plans and structures of the old mill.

The buildings that were built later are fully restored awarding their exterior architecture and interior with ethnographic and regional character. The new buildings harmoniously blend into the wholeness of XIX century’s buildings of the complex.

Well preserved nature, restored buildings and interiors of the halls that are full of ethnographic and antique pieces and furniture demonstrate some features, taste and style of the Lithuanians of XIX century. Thus, in this place you can not only relax or enjoy food and entertainment, but as well get to know various collections, such as hunting trophies or antique personal art pieces.

Now there are 10 halls of various size and use in the Entertainment and Leisure Centre “Belmontas”. They may receive from 20 to 1000 guests.

During summertime an outdoor restaurant “Amphitheatre”, located on the bank of the Vilnelė River, is opened. Our chef will offer you and your guests exclusive and special dishes. We may receive up to 250 guests in our outdoor restaurant.

 In addition, the outdoor café “Belmontas waterfalls” (“Belmonto kriokliai”), facing the remarkable murmurous waterfall, and The Inn of Joana Carinova (Joanos Carinovos smuklė), where you can taste some traditional Lithuanian dishes, awaits you!

The swift Vilnia, which gave name to the capital of Lithuania, fights the obstacles created since ice age and curves through the biggest loops. Here, in “Belmontas”, the river valley is the widest and the most picturesque. The unforgettable landscape is shaped by large terraces of Vilnia, forest-covered hills, and playful combinations of outcrops and arroyos.

We invite you to come to this wonderful corner of Vilnius where you and your guests will always be warmly received. Have a great time!




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Adress: Belmonto str.. 17; Lt – 11300 Vilnius, Lithuania.


 Every day : 12:00 – 23:00


,,Joanos Carinovos” pub: phone: +370 686 14656

Summer cafe:  ,,Belmonto Kriokliai” phone: : +370 686 14656