Outdoor café “Belmontas Waterfalls”

In “Belmontas waterfalls” outdoor café, located by the beautiful curve of Vilnia you may listen to the murmur of the waterfall and the chatter of the river, intertwining with the music; admire the views of waterfalls and valleys; try some traditional Lithuanian dishes, made on open fire, and have a talk with friends over a glass of beer.

Children will also have someplace to let their energy out: a new playground awaits. Just relax…

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Inner photo 800x450 0001 1 A complicated and extensive system of the mill’s hydro technical buildings was finalized in the end of XIX century and the first half of the XX century under the administration of Kinkulkins family. The system was composed from a concrete dam on the Vilnia River, a pond up the affluent, a 200-metre length channel and a set for water flow adjustments. When the mill was working, water was directed to the channel. When the mill stopped, Vilnia’s water would flow through its main stream way. There were three bridges on the channels and in the mill there were three waterwheels (later―turbines).

The banks of the channels were strengthened by wooden post rows and down at the mill’s offtake channel wooden post cascades were installed.

An important part of the French “Belmontas” mill was the bridge over the Vilnia River, built on the concrete dam’s pillars.

Outdoor café “Belmontas Waterfalls” may receive up to 800 guests.