Arches Halls

The Arches Halls the most elegant hall, featuring great space and cozy environment. The views of the exterior are framed by the massive arches that have given this hall its name.

The hall has an exclusive caisson ceiling and a unique central chandelier. Wooden wall panels, light-decorated pilasters and painting-decorated friezes together with the exceptional XIX century’s collection of paintings create a luxurious atmosphere. This hall is particularly appreciated by the lovers of exclusive celebrations. The Arches Hall may receive up to 200 guests.

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“The decision to have the wedding in “Belmontas” was a surprise even for us―we have actually been searching for a cozy and spacious restaurant in the old town of Vilnius or its surroundings. When a friend suggested “Belmontas” both I and my husband were quite sceptical… But the magical beauty of the nature and environment together with the tranquillity of the night enchanted us. We were received very warmly and shown several halls that met our needs. We fell in love with the Arches hall… Those windows, shining chandelier, paintings, festive and solemn aura… We did not regret our decision: the food was excellent, the staff was very professional and the environment is simply amazing. Thank you, “Belmontas”, our feast was indeed splendid.”