Charles de Vim’s Hall

The mill belonged to the former Leoniškės manor for many centuries up to the Second World War. The earliest entries of the archives about the Leoniškės manor date back to XVI century. On 16 June 1536 by the instruction of Sigismund I the Old the borderlines of the manor were declared and a permit to build a mill here was issued (to meet the needs of Vilnius city). In 1838 a Frenchman Charles de Vim rented the lands by the Vilnia River from Vilnius city administration for fifty years. Soon here the biggest masonry mill in Vilnius neighbourhood was built.

Nowdays in this restored building you can find a beautiful and spacious Charles de Vim’s Hall that may receive up to 300 guests.

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“Our organization has a tradition to organize annual conferences in different countries. This year this honour was yours. For the final meeting we chose the Charles de Vim’s Hall, located in “Belmontas”. Splendid staff work and great environment did not disappoint us. The guests are still sending “thank you” notes for the warm reception in the sanctuary of authenticity and creative work. Thank you, “Belmontas”!”


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