Beer Brevery

One cannot call himself a real Lithuanian if he has not tried all sorts of Lithuanian beer. Only after trying you can be sure that you have chosen the best one, right? Maybe it will be the live beer of “Belmontas”?

In the Entertainment and Leisure Centre “Belmontas”, in one of the most beautifully restored buildings of Charles de Vim’s mill, lays a big, tastefully equipped and wood-decorated hall. It leads to the beer brewery which was opened in 2008. During some time the brewery functioned only as a decorative part of the hall’s interior but it reopened in 2014 and started brewing “Belmontas” beer.

It is not necessary to have huge factories in order to produce high quality beer. All you need is to be a professional of this trade. We brew our unique taste beer every day so that the visitors of our beautiful place may enjoy it at any time. We believe that we have to show the best we have―the beer, brewed according to old traditions.

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Only fresh water, obtained from a 95-metre depth bore, is used in the production of “Belmontas” beer. This beer is live, unfiltered and unpasteurized; no additives are used in the fermentation process. This popular drink is brewed from malt, yeast and hops, and is let to mature for 30 days before it is time for it to go into the bottle and then – onto your table. By implementing this process we preserve the old traditions of Vilnius brewers whose philosophy is to produce the beer that is not only tasty, but also healthy.Now in the beer brewery of “Belmontas” you can acquire two types of beer: “Belmonto šviesusis” (“Belmontas light”) – an ale of 4,3 % strength and “Belmonto ypatingasis” (“Belmontas special”), a smoky beer of 5,3% strength. Beer lovers admire at least one of these two. “Šviesusis” is an exclusive live beer, brewed from top class malt, flavourful hops and thoroughly selected yeast. Gourmet lovers will appreciate the “Ypatingasis” which is of stronger character, brewed from caramelized and special peated malt; it has some characteristics of peated whiskey, and thus a perfect companion for tasty steaks

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