Grand hall

The biggest hall of the Entertainment & Leisure Center “Belmontas” is situated in the main building of the ensemble, standing on a slope terrace and thus beautiful views are opened from there.

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The exclusiveness of the Great hall is highlighted by a graceful outdoor staircase, a little stall with a fountain and a large half-circle terrace. The interior space of the hall overwhelms with its grandeur: the unique ceiling construction of wood and the antique art pieces hanging on the walls will leave nobody unimpressed. An antique tapestry of stunning dimensions distinguishes from the entire collection, forming the composition of the entire interior. Another accent is a wide and spacious balcony of the hall. The elegant interior of the hall in the classical style is filled with luxury and quality.

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The capacity of this hall of 970 m2 is up to 500 guests.

 (During the buffet table – up to 1000 guests).

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“We wanted to celebrate the parents’ golden wedding anniversary luxuriously, as our family tree has dukes in its roots. During the war all of the possessions got burned in the fire and only some photographs remained; they helped us to imagine what could have been, if nothing wouldem>The most memorable moment was when the grandmother’s astonishment transformed into the posture full of dignity, as if she naturally came back to her youth of luxurious elegance. Thank you, Great hall of “Belmontas”, for letting our dream feast come true. Guests enjoyed a beautiful nature from the impressive terrace, admired the ancient handmade tapestry, and the beauty of paintings and many sculptures was breathtaking. Parents laughed and cried ... Impossible to describe all what we felt that night. Once again we thank the whole staff of “Belmontas” for an exceptional celebration in the exceptional place.”

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