A Place for a Wedding Ceremony

There is an arbour of cast-iron covered with ornate copper dome in the central part of the Entertainment & Leisure Center “Belmontas” in a small peninsula of the big pond. Such accents of landscape architecture were extremely popular in historic parks. Today it is a beautiful and cozy place for  wedding ceremonies.

“I and my fiance were thinking a lot where to have our wedding ceremony. Something simple but elegant… and, of course, romantic! We found our place: the beautiful little dome! You don’t know where it is? It’s in “Belmontas”, in the middle of the pond! Everything was like a fairy tale!”


The summer restaurant "Amphitheater", located on the banks of Vilnele, is a unique place for weddings and wedding ceremonies - cheerful sounds of the stream of water, the greenery of nature and love - that's all you need for a wonderful celebration.


A luxurious banquet hall in the chamber style "Belvedere" - the opportunity to choose a place for a wedding ceremony even from 4 different spaces.

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