Belvedere Hall

Belvedere(Italian: “great view”) is a tower of a building or a separate vertical building designed to view the surroundings.

Belvederes appeared during Renaissance time and spreaded throughout the whole Europe. These buildings were usually built in the representative places: palaces, residences and parks.

Together with villas and pavilions belvederes were liked both by the Lithuanian noblemen and gentry.

This belvedere is not only an opportunity to enjoy the impressive landscape. Preserved old stonework, ornate interiors of the halls and luxurious menu - everything for our special guest to feel welcomed.

Belvedere Hall is installed through four floors. This gives the guests the opportunity to not only calmly chat and relax in the lounge areas but as well to admire the open aquarium, two beautiful basalt fireplaces and a set of dining furniture made from Karelian birch. In addition, every guest will be impressed with the large stained-glass ceiling. This hall of 400 square meters may receive up to 200 guests.

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“I was not afraid of my anniversary itself, but I dreaded the boring speeches and comfort words, that I am not old yet… There were many people who were expecting something from me: the relatives, friends, ex-colleagues. I had to find a good venue and finally chose the Belvedere Hall in “Belmontas”. There was enough room for everybody (there were more than 150 guests). The panoramic views are indeed extraordinary; and many women were happy about the dress code which we chose accordingly to the luxurious interior. The evening was wonderful and I felt really happy. Thank you everybody who contributed to it: from the architect of the place to chefs and staff members.”